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Our Story

Mortgage Financial Services was founded on the commitment to bring a new look to an old industry. Led by two seasoned mortgage bankers, Brad Sullivan and Rick Priest, both recognized the need to look beyond just the closing of a home loan. They saw an opportunity to improve a process that is often tedious and stressful and have created a company that considers all parties a customer that deserve a dedicated partner. By focusing on the needs of those responsible for expediting the home loan process, they have created an environment that allows the MFS team to prosper and spend more time where needed, servicing the needs of the borrower with their dream of homeownership.


Our leaders, Brad Sullivan and Rick Priest, each have over 20 years of experience providing home loans. Family members that both began their careers at the former North American Mortgage Company, a top 5 U.S. mortgage banking company, together have learned the facets of the mortgage industry as originators and area managers in both the wholesale and retail channels. The two have been responsible for over 30 billion dollars of production and continue to show a passion for fulfilling the American Dream of homeownership. Always eager to share their passion and knowledge, they have combined their in-depth experience to assemble a dream team of home loan experts dedicated to the Mortgage Financial Services mission.

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